Grants presented

The Enhance Hamilton County Foundation wrapped up its 2021 Grant Program earlier this month and awarded over $74,451.43 to local organizations and causes throughout Hamilton County. Due to the pandemic the annual awards ceremony was not held. Instead, the Affiliate Board and Youth in Philanthropy Committee members hand-delivered the grant checks to each recipient.

This year’s grant program saw the addition of a second grant offered to nonprofits with the intent to assist them with the loss in revenue experienced in 2020 due to the pandemic. The Coronavirus Relief grant was made available to nonprofit organizations (501c3) with a maximum grant amount of $7,500 available.

Following is a list of the 16 grant recipients for the 2021 grant cycle, their projects and the amount awarded by the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation:

• Stratford Community Center – $1,240 Air Quality Improvement and $2,000 in a Coronavirus Relief grant.

• Iowa Legal Aid – $2,812 for legal assistance for low income/under poverty level residents

• Iowa College Access Network – $1,000 for Student/Educator Support During and post COVID.

• Asbury United Methodist Preschool – $1,000 for outside play area.

• Upper Des Moines Opportunity – $2,000 for the Back-to-school Backpack Program.

• Wehrheim Park – $2,812.13 for a basketball court addition.

• Arts R Alive – $500 for Kent Harfst Memorial Sculpture.

• All Cultures Equal (ACE) – $5,400 for a new roof and $7,500 in a Coronavirus Relief grant.

• LIFT WC – $25,000 for interior renovations to the historic Elks Building.

• Hamilton County – $3,187.30 for the Building Families Retain and Recruitment Bonus Program.

• Stratford Public Library – $1,190 for building repairs.

• Friends of Kendall Young Library – $5,000 in a Coronavirus Relief grant.

• HERO – $7,500 in a Coronavirus Relief grant.

• Youth & Shelter Services – $7,500 in a Coronavirus Relief grant.

Tiffany Larson, coordinator of the Enhance Hamilton County Youth in Philanthropy program, worked with the high schools again this year to review the grant applications and award funds to the projects they found of value providing a youth perspective in the grant money allocation.

The 2021Youth in Philanthropy committee members will each receive a $250 scholarship for their time and efforts this year and include students from South Hamilton and Webster City high schools. South Hamilton representatives were Emmaly Fields and Abigail Ervin (seniors) and Casey Ewing and Austin Busch (juniors). Webster City committee members included Abilene Sosa (senior) and Livia Taylor, Allison Oswald and Katie Casady (juniors).

The EHCF grant review committee included: Travis Barrick, Kendra Chizek, Emily Pruismann, Erin Majewski, Lindsay Henderson, Brian Holt, Leah Maass, Kris Pruismann, Janet Lindseth, Dale Sigmund and Kyle Swon.

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