Our Team


Darcy Swon


“I wanted to be a part of LIFT WC because I wanted to help create social places where people can go and connect with each other that would, in turn, create a more vibrant downtown and local economy.”

Lindsey Henderson

Vice President

“My hope is that LIFT WC provides our community the opportunity to connect, feel inspired, and develop a sense of ownership and control over our future prosperity.”

Zach Chizek


“I want to see a more energized and vibrant downtown and LIFT WC is focused on taking the first step to accomplishing this.”

Shannon Swon


“I wanted to be a part of LIFT WC because I am very passionate about music – listening and performing – and they recognize and support the idea of bringing people together and providing a venue to showcase local talent that would otherwise go unnoticed.”

John Hawkins

board member

 “I am part of LIFT WC because I want to build a strong foundation for our future…one building at a time.”

Jake Pulis

board member

“I wanted to get involved with LIFT WC because I want to see a place that brings people together and a building with its lights on at night.”