Our mission is to identify and develop catalytic projects, services and programs
that build the social infrastructure of Webster City.

Through restoration of the Elks building, it is our mission that this catalytic project will create a renewed sense of shared purpose and collective empowerment that supports diverse, homegrown economic opportunities with a social benefit.

Together we can restore the Elks Building and bring it back to a fully-functional building that connects people and builds our local economy.

This is more than just a renovation project. We aim to create a missing place of connection for our community and to bring together the relationships and resources necessary for innovation under one roof.

After completing the building rehabilitation, LIFT WC plans to retain ownership of the property and manage the top ballroom as an event space, while leasing out the rest of the building to select commercial businesses that align with our social mission. The main floor and basement of the building could easily hold three or more separate but complementary businesses. 

To accomplish our goal, we will need to raise $1.1 million from grants and through charitable contributions. Monies received will be used to complete the following types of work:

•Install new west entrance with ramp and exterior elevator for ADA accessibility
• Update HVAC system
• Install new flooring and ceilings where needed
• Sheetrock and insulation
• Rebuild rear staircase
• Restore missing transom windows
• Bathroom upgrades
• Interior lighting fixtures
• Equipment and furnishings for ballroom event

We received a grant for $400,000 that will be used for facade work that will include the repair of the brick and restore windows and doors. This grant is  not included in the $1.1 million fundraising goal.

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